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Pre-registration of Rapid Response (R2-3G) Business Opportunities

The purpose of this memorandum is to describe VSE's policies and procedures for teammates to pre-register business opportunities under the VSE Rapid Response Program. Pre-registration of opportunities enables the VSE Team to proactively market team capabilities and facilitates rapid response to the Government's Performance Work Statements (PWS) and Request for Task Execution Plans (RTEP).

"Bringing Business to the R2-3G Contract" is a central theme in successfully supporting CECOM's Rapid Response Program. Historically, 90% of the support efforts under the R2 contracts were pre-marketed by one of the primes or their subcontractors/vendors.

Revenue generation is a function of proactive, self-marketing or identification and conversion of opportunities into RTEPs and ultimately Task Orders (TO). VSE intends to facilitate marketing opportunities and, as opportunities are discovered that require unique skills or capabilities, engage our teammates to position the VSE Team to be the ultimate winner of TEP competitions. It should be understood that given the nature of the R2-3G Program VSE cannot guarantee, nor is it able to provide, projected work to our teammates.

A fundamental VSE management principal in the execution of the R2-3G Program is to ensure a fair opportunity for all our teammates to obtain work in support of Federal programs they have actively marketed. In addition, VSE reserves the right to identify the best program team available to compete for RTEPS and ensure the highest confidence of success. Underlying this is the fact that VSE, as a R2-3G prime contractor, has privity of contract with the Government. As such, VSE alone is fully responsible to the Government for task performance, in support of the R2-3G Program. In order to fulfill these requirements and successfully market the R2-3G Contract, VSE has established a process for the pre-registration of business opportunities by our teammates with our R2-3G Project Office.


Opportunity pre-registration to support our marketing strategy will be subject to the following polices:

  1. Pre-registration of a business opportunity is allowed only as a directed, specific and clearly defined effort or project. Registration of generic work scopes or general categories of work is not authorized. For example, you may not pre-register "all C-130 aircraft modifications" that may possibly be contracted by the Air Logistics Centers C-130 Special Project Office. You may register a specific opportunity that your company is pursuing and actively marketing .E.G., installation of the Enhance Traffic and Collision Avoidance System for the USAF C-130 reserve fleet.  

  2. An incumbent on any TO has first priority on any follow-on efforts or modifications to that effort.  

  3. A "First Come, First Served" policy applies to all new opportunities and is determined by the date/time the opportunity is received by the VSE R2-3G Project Management Office (PMO). Registration must be the result of specific customer contact and work description as identified on the VSE Pre-registration form.  

  4. Team members who have formed a sub-team within the team and who have registered the opportunity first will be the only company(ies) who can bid on the RTEP once CECOM R2-3G PMO issues it.  

  5. VSE will be the final approval authority for pre-registering an opportunity and for team composition in performance of a TO. VSE may facilitate "teaming within the team" to optimize capabilities and quality performance of a TO. VSE may also facilitate teaming when we believe a capability or capacity issue exists. Other criteria may include Performance Work Statement requirements, Government direction, past performance and the achievement of VSE's small business goals.  

  6. All large business team members should be alert for teaming opportunities within the team that support our Small and Disadvantaged Business Participation Plan. VSE promotes "synergy within Team VSE".



The following procedures will be used when pre-registering R2-3G business opportunities:

  1. All opportunities will be pre-registered via e-mail to the R2-3G PMO, attention to the VSE R2-3G Business Development Manager. Once the R2-3G Management Information System (R2-3GMIS) is on-line it will provide alternative means of electronically submitting opportunities. The Opportunity Registration Form is provided at attachment 1.

    This form also is available on the VSE R2-3G web site. Pre-registration of a potential R2-3G opportunity should be completed as soon as the opportunity can be described in sufficient detail to satisfy the requirements of Policy Item 1.

  2. The VSE Project Director, with the support of the PMO staff, will ensure the opportunity is reviewed within 24 hours of receipt. Reviews will focus on validity of the opportunity and whether or not the opportunity has already been pre-registered and currently active. If determined to be duplicative of, or synergistic with, another opportunity, the R2-3G PMO will contact all involved parties to coordinate how marketing efforts should be pursued. All registered opportunities and related information will be protected and only available to the VSE R2-3G PMO and the teammate who registered the opportunity.

  3. Upon registration of an opportunity registration  number  assigned  and  a confirmation sent to the submitting teammate(s). This action occurs within 48 hour of receipt. The confirmation includes the opportunity name and registration number, both of which should be used in all subsequent correspondence regarding  the opportunity.
  4. Our R2-3G Business Development Manager and the VSE R2-3G PMO will be available to assist any teammate in turning an opportunity into a RTEP. Teammates are  required to update the status of their registered opportunities as significant changes in status occur. A monthly review of opportunities will be conducted by the PMO with teammates input to access the viability of all registrations.
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